Friday, October 31, 2014

Roll Bar, Lifeline and Pulpits

Having finished the surface preparation we could install the pulpits, stanchions and roller.

Also these components where sanded. The choice was made to have a better hand grip on these structures, rather then a polished slippery surface.

In this process we faced for the first time the problem of preventing galvanic corrosion.
The nightmare of any owner of aluminium boat is to see her dissolved by corrosion. The old story of the coin dropped in the bilge that perforates the hull is know to all of us.

Any how the principles are simple. We can use INSULATING compounds as Duralac or Tefgel.
The difference is that Duralac will harden and can be painted. Tefgel will be more suitable for applications where one can foresee removal of the screws.
For the deck intallations we went for Duralac.

The second issue in bedding and waterproofing.
I tried my best to keep to the minimum the holes passing through the deck. Nevertheless the winches, rails and other devices needed a thorough bolt.
Again we have choices. In fat having choice is a good and bad thing at the same time.
In my opinion and experience the best bedding is done by good quality Butyl Tape.
Alternative are urethane based compounds.
The so commonly used SILICONE I think SOULD BE AVOIDED except for few particular applications.
It is however the most commonly used because it is clean and fast. But there is no free lunch. What you save now you will pay later.

So I used urethan base bedding for rails, roll bar basement and winches.

I used Butyl tape for windows, port lights, mushrooms etc, where the risk of water infiltration is higher and where the possibility of very easily remove and replace it makes a great advantage.

Below some pictures of installation of stanchions, pulpits and rollbar.



Positioning the stanchion

Bolt in place

Forward Stanchions placed

Bow Pulpit

Placing the rigid grab rail from midship to stern


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