Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Deck Plan

Deck detail are really time consuming. Before proceeding to insulation, which I will do by sprayng polyurethane foam, I need to complete all welding and openings on the deck.

It seems easy but there are so many things. Ittook the entire month of October and it is not yet completed.

The aspects to consider are : sailing "devices" (winches, rails, blocks etc), Service openings (dorade, cables..), underdeck reinforcements.


Primary and secondary winch

Mainsail winch

Genoa rails

Solent rails and electrical winches for halyards and reefing lines

We learned how to disassemble them

Correct positioning of the pinion and respect for the 8 degrees lines angle (more difficult)

But finally everything turned out correctly!


This is another very crowded area.

We first worked at the ventilation and heating.

This is my dorade box. The pipe extends above the deck into the box, which is removable for eventual maintenance.

On the dorade box will go a cowl vent. At the side you see the fluke for the Dickinson Antartic Heater (diesel)

Here is an interna view

At the front a mushroom ventilator for the sail locker

The internal rim (for insulation)

Here you see the gooseneck for mast cables and the two openings with reinforcement of the two electric mast winches

 From the interior the reinforcement plate for the winch. The load on this shoud be something around 1500kg.

Not yet finished but we are getting there