Friday, March 14, 2014

The Project is NOT Dead!!!

March 2014

Why so long time? Is the project at a dead end?
OndaNera is well and alive.
Its builder had some issues to solve. No big ones. Only moved to another country. Easier to say than to do. Or maybe the opposite.
The reasons and why are beyond the boatbuilding. Maybe I will discuss in another moment.

For the moment I need to make an update.
What happened in this year? A lot o things. The project continued even if at a slower pace.
Considering that I was going to leave the country and thus leave the completion of the final steps to somebody else, I concentrated on completing myself all the details that I considered essential.
Second I planned and lysed down all the successive steps.

For instance concerning the woodwork I found a magnificent person in Maurizio, not a nautical expert, a antique restaurateur that will finish the interior. All the interiors have been defined. All the pieced cut. Now it is time to reassemble them after finishing the paintwork. I decided for a glossy finish.

All the aluminum welding are finished. Or so I think. You will see in the pictures.

I completed the project of the electrical system, defined the electrical board and bought all the components. I spent some time training the electrician that did the work at my house to converto him to a boat electrician. Skype, frequent trips and time spent at the boatyard will do the rest.

Hydraulic the same. The water system designed, all components on place. I have  nobody for this. I will decide. when I will get there.

I bought all the Sunbrella materials for awning, interior and exterior. Detailed in everything.

Electronics: I will have very few. I bought the autopilot from Jefa. As I have a double system probably later I will get a Raymarine. I do not know. I want to have the minimum electronics possible.

So having done all this we moved!! I moved the boat from the country yard to the place where I will put her in water. At least she now is looking at water and getting used!

My best and enjoy the pictures !